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My Story.

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Get2it Fitness Studio was founded by me, Tracy Scott, and I specialise in helping “time poor men and women get fit and strong in as little as 30 minutes”. The bonus is you are trained to acquire a positive mindset & healthy life long habits.

I’m a busy mother of four children and run a successful fitness business in Blenheim, NZ (Get2it Fitness Studio). I understand the challenges to make your health and fitness a priority, and this is the reason I developed my 30 minute training systems! I deliver proven effective training and nutrition systems. I guarantee results and I’ve personally delivered over 10,000 sessions in 12 years of operation as a Fitness Professional.

18 years ago I delivered my first baby into this world and over the next 6 years I added three more children to my family. By the time I was 30 years old, I had four children, was blissfully happy and content. Then my first child started school followed by my 2nd! I took a step back in panic and thought “my children are growing up”!

I was never a sporty child at school – sure I played a few team sports, but more so I could hang out with my friends. You definitely would not catch me going for a run and my bike only came out so I could get somewhere when my Mum wasn’t around to drive me.

With my first two children, I was a great fan of daily walks around the hills and streets and the odd Tae Bo exercise video while they slept.☺

After baby number 3, for the first time, I went to a gym. I had the good fortune to land in the hands of an outstanding trainer who opened my eyes to everything from super-efficient exercises to superior nutrition.

Soon I was amazed at how much better I felt physically… but especially how much leaner and stronger my body looked. Who knew?

I came to realize just how much a positive body image can directly create all kinds of other positive outcomes in life.

I quickly gained much greater self-confidence. I was much more outgoing and I found myself enjoying life to the fullest – from my social life to my work life.

It became clear that simply looking great and feeling strong can make a tremendous impact on your perceived value. I had a realization that the way I looked impacted the way I felt about myself in all areas – so looking good on the outside made me feel good on the inside as well!

Having tried out a few different careers prior to children, the last being a preschool teacher, I decided I wanted to try something new. So, after baby number 2, I started my study via correspondence to become a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. As soon as I could, I jumped straight into my new career. I started with 4 bikes in my Mum’s garage taking spin classes and today I have my very own studio with 15 spin bikes! I’m not one to sit still, and always looking forward, I then added boot camps to my timetable. I remember being incredibly nervous starting boot camps especially as I was one of the very few in Blenheim who ran boot camps and I was also newly trained.

Almost right away, strong word-of-mouth brought client after client to my door. My boot camps fast grew to 30-40 in a class.

I’ve always felt that ongoing professional development is important and so my training continued.

From Boot Camp came the addition of Metafit, Metapower and Metapro programmes.

Nutrition has always been a passion of mine. 1. I love food and 2. I love studying all about it. I believe that nutrition is a vital side of health, fitness and wellness, so I have always provided nutritional advice to my clients. I’ve run successful online nutrition programmes and in the past I followed the trend of low fat food items and my focus was weight loss for my clients. Through further study with Holistic Performance Nutrition I discovered the benefits of a High Fat Low Carb lifestyle. I would never go back to the way I used to eat or encourage my clients to. Sure, my clients had weight loss success, but “high fat low carb” is not just about weight loss it’s ‘lifestyle’, energy and all over wellness in one!

I have a 100% guarantee.  I guarantee you will walk away feeling empowered and determined after each and every session. But if you don’t, I will refund you the session price.

Today, I’m passionate about guiding men and woman into choosing good nutrition and helping time poor men and women get fit and strong in half the time and acquiring positive mindsets.

I warmly invite you to contact me by e-mail or, better yet, call me at 021487903 for a no-obligation chat.

I believe you’ll find that not only do I understand your situation, I’ll help you take back control and get the body and health you’ve always dreamed of!


Train With Me

I offer Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training from my private Studio in Blenheim, NZ.  I also offer Corporate Training solutions.  Read more here.



I am a HPN Holistic Nutrition Coach who is an advocate of the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle.  I offer an Online Programme and tailored Nutritional Support. Read more here.


Metafit Training

I am a Certified Metafit Instructor and love how effective this training method can be. Visit here to read more about this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) method.

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