Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Most people will be aware of the link between daily exercise and our body and mind. And the link between a great team culture and performance.

I’ve been working with several small and large companies helping them increase their fitness and team culture with fitness classes and nutritional advice.

Here is an example:

The Cloudy Bay Winery Team started training with me three years ago.  The increased level of physical activity has had a positive impact on employees’ health and mental well-being. Over the three years of training with me, they have had fewer sick days and higher productivity. Increased fitness, stress relief, a happy team, laughter, and something else to talk about besides work are some of the other benefits for the team.

A frequent excuse for skipping the gym is “time”, but training with your workmates takes care of that excuse by creating fabulous accountability.

That’s why I offer training for work teams in their workplace or in my studio. I know that it is a win/win for staff and the business.

I would like to offer your team a complimentary group training session.

Watch us train here Cloudy Bay Winery Training Session and contact me to book your FREE team session.

NOTE: Did you know that I am registered with SMEAEP? This stands for Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme and means my training programme meets the criteria to be exempt from FBT. I consider that to be a WIN / WIN 🙂

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