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tracy scott

personal trainer and nutrition coach

Mother, businesswoman, master of 30-minute training systems.

A busy life, alongside a passion for fitness and a commitment to balanced nutrition, sparked a new business venture for me, Tracy Scott, more than a decade ago.

Twelve years on, alongside being a mother of four, I’m also the master of effective 30-minute workouts at my Blenheim fitness centre, Get2it Fitness Studio.

Offering a range of group fitness classes as well as private or group personal training sessions, I thrive on helping time-poor men and women get fit and strong in half the time. My customised 30-minute training sessions and nutritional solutions are tailored to meet the needs of individual lifestyles and goals, providing a sustainable and holistic approach that gives people the tools they need to get the body they love.

I believe there is a very real and important link between daily exercise and positive mental wellbeing and as such, I also offer corporate training sessions. Read more here.

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What we
stand for at
Get2It Fitness!

Customised 30-minute training sessions and nutritional solutions that are tailored to your lifestyle and goals!  We have a range of classes run in our Studio and Online as Virtual Livestream classes.

Building a strong community of like-minded people so you don’t have to go the journey alone!

An holistic approach that gives women and men all the tools they really need to get the body they are going to love.

‘Cookie cutter’ programmes that have a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

Any detox pill, shake, cleanse or meal plan that isn’t scientifically proven to produce the result it says it can, but rather just prays on people’s vulnerabilities and/or lack of knowledge!

What we
stand against!

Corporate Training Session with Cloudy Bay Winery

Testimonial and Success Story with Peter Grierson

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