Karmyn's Story

I can’t speak highly enough about the challenge……. I would encourage ANYONE who is ready to lose weight to climb aboard the 12 week challenge train! I was keen to start the programme but I must admit when I received the first lot of info I thought “what have I gotten myself into”; it seemed like it was going to be a lot of work. In fact it’s turned out to be the complete opposite – because the weekly shopping list and menus are provided it actually takes the hassle out of the nutrition side of it… but also opens your eyes to what you should be eating. From years of watching what I ate/dieting etc I thought I had nutrition sussed; actually it turns out I didn’t… but I have now (at week 7 of the challenge) pretty well on my way. It’s all very well to read up on everything, but SO much easier when you’re told how much of each ingredient to use and exactly what your portion size should be (much smaller than I had previously thought!!).

I set myself what I thought was a pretty realistic goal for the challenge – 10kgs in 12 weeks – figured this would push me but not be too hard (thought if I chose 12kgs it would mean that I HAD to lose a kilo each week and that was a bit too much pressure). But, oh my goodness, I can’t believe how the weight has fallen off!!! At week 7 I’ve dropped almost 11.5kgs and so have conquered my challenge goal and am now heading towards my ‘weight for life’ goal.

The thing that REALLY keeps you going is the encouragement and support from Tracy… she’s there every day emailing through something; whether it be a motivational message or information about nutrition. And most importantly telling you that you CAN do it, and that she believes in you.

Having the ’12 week challenge Facebook site’ is also a HUGE source of support and feedback – you can chat with people who are there at the coalface, facing the same obstacles (or worse) than you. And because people post their questions to Tracy via the site you also get to read answers to questions that you hadn’t thought to ask (or thought it was too dumb a question to ask!!).

I could write a novel on how good Tracy is, but the best test is to Get2It yourself!!!

Kerry's Story

For the last 20 years my weight has fluctuated by some of your standards ‘only a little’. I was always active as a teenager and sport was (and is) a big part of who I am.

10 years in the Police kept the weight off and having my three children had me up and down but ‘only a little’.

I am by nature a healthy eater, and with being active my weight was acceptable ‘by other peoples standards’.

This ‘only a little’ phrase is what I kept telling myself even though deep down I was not comfortable with where I was at. Body perception is very personal and I knew I was more comfortable being fitter and leaner!

2008 a broken collarbone and surgery on that 2009. 2010 another injury rupturing a tendon in my foot which ended up 16 weeks on crutches/moonboot and this was the first time I became ‘inactive’.

The downfall with my eating was portions. I love to cook/entertain and enjoy nice food. I enjoy a wine with my husband and friends but this is when my weight crept up. I was always piling up my plate in the evening. Sweet stuff- not the issue but carbs- pasta, rice, potatoes and salt and vinegar chippies I loved.

When I got back on my feet and got back into the exercise (unlike my younger years) the weight did not fall off.

We had a month overseas last year and that is when I made the most of French food and wine and got to 66kg, about 8kgs higher than normal. I continued my bad habits for the rest of 2011.

2012 arrived and this is the year for me to turn 40. I was doing spin with ‘Get2it’ and had been getting the info for the 12 week challenge. I hovered for ages thinking I should do that but was scared to take the plunge worried what others would think. I did have one friend say “ what would YOU need to do that for”. This was when I realised that I wanted to do it ‘for me’ and not for anyone else. I realised that my perception of myself needed a boost and I was ready to take the challenge.

I really wanted to get back on track with my eating, exercising, alcohol intake and sleep quantity and made my goals around these areas.

Tracy (a long time friend) was so supportive when I approached her. She didn’t judge me and from the onset was supportive and understanding.

I have loved the challenge and have really enjoyed the company of the group. I have absolutely loved the food, particularly the grocery Lists and knowing what is on the menu for the day ahead. I have never been so organised! My children and husband really enjoyed the food also. I found that I would add a baked potato/pasta and rice to their plates on active days.

I was really worried about missing bread but found that I loved not having it, as was no longer bloated and uncomfortable.

The motivation from Tracy was constant and supportive.

The 12 weeks are almost over and I am back below 60kg I am full on into Mountain biking again and running, enjoying the challenge of off-road.

I am back to a wine in the weekends only and sleeping longer each night. This challenge has worked for me and I know my ‘new habits’ will continue as I love the way I am now!

With my 40th birthday is less than a month away and I am now ready to climb the next hill and get fitter and faster instead of going to the pack!!

Take the challenge and enjoy!

Tania's Story

Well I started “Spin Classes” with Tracy to help me with my fitness after minor knee surgery, after a couple of sessions the topic of a “12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge” surfaced.

I knew I had to do something about my recent weight gain and knew I wasn’t happy with the shape of my body so I decided to sign up and give it go, what did I have to loose.

The support and friendship has been fantastic, let alone the lovely, very tasty and easy to prepare food. It’s just fantastic knowing what you are having for breakfast, lunch and tea. I have never felt hungry and look forward to the seeing what is in the following week’s menus.

Weekly weigh ins: I am losing every week (apart from one, slip up on my behalf) that in its self is satisfying to see results after all the hard work you put in.

Midway through, I struggled to motivate myself outside of spin classes. I emailed Tracy and she talked me into doing the odd session of “Boot Camp”. The group is great, everyone helps/encourages each other to finish the tasks set, and Tracy is very motivated to see everyone succeed individually.

We are nearing the end, into our 8th week. I am very close to my target weight and feel “fantastic”, I can look in the mirror now and see curves J, and have had a lot of positive comments made on the way I am looking.

I would absolutely recommend the 12 week challenge, if you are prepared to do the hard yards and stick to the eating programme you will get the results you want. I will endeavour to carry on with the healthy eating and exercise when the 12 weeks are up as I don’t want to fall backwards into the slump I came from before starting the programme.

Thank you very much Tracy, your passion and encouragement is gold, I have enjoyed the ride in this challenge. I have made a promise to myself not to slip back into the old me !!

Hayley's Story

Tracy persuaded me to do the 12 week challenge alongside boot camp I was doing with her at the time.

I wasn’t losing weight like I had hoped – due to my unhealthy diet, so she talked to me about the 12 week challenge. Combining healthy eating with exercise was the way to go… and she was right! I lost 9.7kgs in 12 weeks.

Tracy was very thorough right from the beginning. All of the meal plans and shopping lists made it so easy!

Tracy was always on hand to answer any questions via a text, phone call or the online Facebook group.

Doing the 12 week challenge changed the way I think about food – from preparing to cooking, to serving and eating. The meals were so easy and delicious and feeding a tribe of 3 kids and a partner, they all enjoyed the meals from the meal plan just as much as I did!

Lunches were a real issue for me – as I wanted to eat a variety of things that were easy to prepare, tasted great and were of course low in fat! The Lunches on Tracy’s 12 week challenge ticked all of those boxes for me.

The Facebook group was fantastic, through this everyone was able to share their ups and downs and Tracy was always there to give us motivating comments. Doing the 12 week challenge with a group was a massive help, knowing that everyone was going through what you were going through.

The exercises were challenging, but extremely rewarding. It was a bonus having the boot camp run alongside the 12 week challenge. Tracy did everything possible to support each member of the group through the exercises and eating plan.

Tracy really is a fantastic motivator and supporter. Her positivity is infectious and I would recommend Tracy and the 12 week challenge to anyone who is wanting to lose weight.

Annie's Story

I have been on a change of lifestyle mission for about a year now. At 99 kgs – give or take a few kgs I was tired, unhappy, moody and on the fast track to ending up like my mother, who early last year had a leg amputated above the knee after 20 plus years of obesity related diabetes that she never bothered to treat, and following that amputation she had several heart episodes which kept her in hospital for almost 6 months. Seeing her in the critical care unit in a coma was the wake up call that I needed to tell me that I too, was on this path, and that I needed to stop the rot before it set in.

For a few months now I had been reading in a local magazine about indoor cycling classes, and decided to take the plunge and get over my shyness and ask Tracy about them.

As a “Big Girl”, I was always very self conscious about asking about fitness and diet, as I was worried that I would be judged, however I needn’t have worried. Tracy was warm and welcoming from the first contact and I booked myself in for a trial ride to follow our conversation. Pretty soon I was doing 2 classes a week, as well as getting some fantastic diet and fitness advice.

Since that first ride, I am proud to say that I have lost close to 25 kilos and become very fit, even entering the Saint Clair Half Marathon in May.

Since losing weight I have managed to get my PCOS under control, depression under control and have so much more energy. This is all thanks to Tracy, who has been not only incredibly positive, but inspiring and encouraging, especially when many times over, it would have been so easy to give it all up.

Tracy’s motivational advice and encouragement has gotten me through many hard days and mind blocks. Not only will she text, email or message positive words when she knows the “demons on my shoulder” are talking very loudly, she always has sound advice that is tailored to my specific needs – including my pitfalls. She has a great knack of knowing just what her clients weaknesses are and is very good at helping us to overcome these mental blocks along the way. .

As well as indoor cycling, I have also had the “pleasure” of completing 5 Boot Camps and have been proud and more than a little shocked (in a good way) at what I have achieved from these intensive sessions. She also tailors sessions around physical problems, offering lower impact options as well as harder options for those who may have a greater fitness level than the others in the group.

Overall, I know I would not have achieved the results I have without Tracy’s dedication and professionalism.

I would encourage anyone who is even toying with the idea of fitness – be it a complete overhaul or just to shake up the usual routine to consider Tracy. She gets results because she is warm, encouraging and positive and you just want to go the extra mile to get that smile and enthusiasm out of her!

Kathy's Story

I am really pleased to recommend Get2it Fitness Studio’s 12 Week Healthy Food Challenge to anyone who is looking for a sensible, no frills programme that really works and teaches you skills for healthy living for life. I have always been reasonably fit and healthy but have always carried a few extra kilos, sitting at the top of the healthy weight range for my height and build.

I had babies later in life (one at 38 and one at 41) and this combined with me retiring from my career, moving countries 3 times and rediscovering the joy of cooking has seen the kilos creep on and stay on! I’ve tried other weight loss solutions including Weight Watchers Points system and the Low GI plan and while I have lost a bit on these plans I’ve soon got bored and put the weight on again.

I’ve now nearing the end of this 12 week challenge and have lost over 6kg and am signing up for the next challenge to lose another 4kg to reach my target. The difference with Tracy’s programme is that she not only provides weekly meal plans (which are delicious and suitable for the whole family such as green curry and risotto) and easy to follow exercise guidelines but that it’s group based. It makes such a huge difference being able to share successes and disappointments, advice and pat each other on the back. Everyone is supportive and non judgemental whether you only have a few kgs to lose or have a long, challenging road ahead. The programme is based on a simple calorie allowance which I’ve have found to be really easy to manage as opposed to a points system, GI scores and calculating fat content.

Tracy is a great role model who definitely practices what she preaches.

Michaela's Story

Im a busy working mum with 2 small children and a fussy husband. I always thought that I never had the time to lose the rest of my baby weight. I was sick of making excuses about my shocking eating habits. I was in a vicious cycle. I was tired all the time, so ate high fat foods to give me more energy.

I found the programme easy to follow and achievable. The weekly weigh in’s keep you accountable for your own success.

You are provided with a shopping list and an easy to follow menu each week. I was surprised at how yummy the food was! And I never felt hungry.

The biggest thing that I have noticed is my change in thinking…..I now look at food for nutrition, not just something to entertain me when I’m bored.

I can look at food and decide for myself whether it is a good choice or not- I feel very proud of myself!”

Melissa's Story

If I can do the 12 week challenge anyone can trust me!! I have tried diet after diet and NEVER had the results that I have in the last 12 weeks!! Tracy is fab (so supportive) and the meals are yummo!

Its all about a lifestyle change and once you start – you cant stop!!

Kiri's Story

Three years ago I made the decision that I was going to be fit and healthy and within my proposed BMI by my 40th birthday but looking down the barrel of 30kg to lose it was never going to be an easy task to stay focused on my goal. For 2 years I tried it on my own I can’t say I was particularly lazy in this time I completed two walking ½ marathons played squash twice weekly , completed a 3hr spring challenge, and so forth and even though these felt like great achievements I wasn’t losing any significant weight or feeling all that fit at any time. I was simply using these events as an excuse to eat too much, make bad food choices and drink too much. And even though my dead line was getting closer year after year I continued to ignore it. I’d say to myself next month I will try harder. That next month never came.

Until a good friend Michele suggested I join her in the boot camp sessions run by Tracy Adams, that she was achieving fantastic results with. I was hesitant at first as they are run in the early morning and no way was I a morning person but I was running out of time so said yep I would give it a go. I didn’t sleep much the night before as I was not sure what to expect or that I would even be up to it. The first day dawned and I didn’t die and I realized I loved the variety that the session encompassed along with the group support of likeminded people. But still although getting fitter and stronger I wasn’t losing the weight where as others in the group were looking amazing which is when I found out about Tracy’s 12 week challenge and seeing the results in others inspired my participation in the next one available.

I needed a program that would fit my family’s life style for it to succeed long term and I have found that in what Tracy has to offer in the 12 week challenge I am hopeless at having to decide what to do for dinners etc. Especially at the end of a busy day and would find that although I was thinking healthy, the decision on what to have would take so long I would of given up and gone for a quick unhealthy generally brought meal. I have loved the ease of the meals and recipes offered in the challenge and I no longer consider having to cook a major chore, although there have been some teething problems with convincing the children the food is good for them as they have now started to embrace the yummy café type food they are now presented with as opposed to the very boring same old that they were quite often stuck with. Hubby has loved the food from the get go so the compliments from him have been an added bonus.

I never expected the weight to start to come off so quickly which only proved Tracy’s theory in her challenge that a major component is about what goes in vs. expenditure. In 12 short weeks I have achieved most of what I had set out to do before the big 4 0, I am ¾ of the way towards my goal weight and finally feel I have got control over my food demons although not all smooth sailing I know I am setting a better example of living life for my family. Tracy’s program has really worked, I feel great, my clothes are four times smaller, I’m actually happy to be in a photo, and my home life is happier as I no longer try making up excuses and instead really looking forward to participating in activities with my loved ones. I have promised myself that with losing weight I would get back into competing my horse and I can’t wait for the season to start as I no longer feel sorry for her having to carry me around. I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight or even just want to maintain a healthier lifestyle check out what Get2it has to offer, it has helped me to see that I want to continue to stay fit and healthy for my family and just as importantly for myself.

Michelle's Story

I could tell you a story about the time I was 130 kg, lost some weight but could never get out of the 90’s – was there for years.

I could tell you a story about how I spent the whole of term 1 this year going to the gym 5 days a week for about 2 hours each time and lost no weight at all.

Or I could tell you the truth. I signed up for the 12 week challenge during term 2 after talking with Tracy Adams and have lost over 10 kgs and am still losing.

If you’re ready, Tracy’s ready and we are all here to help you. So what have you got to lose.

Sonia's Story

I started boot camp with Tracy two terms ago and I then also completed the 12 week challenge. To date I have lost 10kgs and am near my goal weight. What I love about the programme is that the menus are set for you and the grocery list is sorted each week. The online support is incredible with the group but mainly with Tracy’s quick responses back to me. Without her support I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am now. I have recommended the 12 week challenge to more than one person who have seen the results. Absolutely highly recommend this awesome lady and her work.

Stace's Story

For some time I found that I was buying more and more new clothes, subconsciously I thought hey why not, new clothes are great, realistically I was growing bigger and out of my other clothes.

Finally the day came and I thought I have had enough! No more buying new clothes and lying to myself that I wasn’t getting fatter cause I was!

I found I wasn’t happy and every time I went to go out and had to dress up I felt disgusting. It was time for a change and a big change!
I had heard through a friend about Tracy and the 12 week challenge. I decided this sounded like my kind of thing, as well as signing up for this challenge I signed up to the boot camp also.

My journey through both has been Amazing!! So much so I have resigned for both!

The 12 week challenge offers an online support group that makes it easier as everyone in there is in the same boat as you and can relate / understand how you are feeling. Everyone is soo friendly and encouraging and inspiring it really makes you feel happy to be a part of their journey too! With 4 weeks to go I am just under 4kg away from my goal weight which I know I can make!

I feel amazing people are commenting on how I look and how much weight I have lost, it pushes me even more to achieve my goal not only for me but the others too.

I truly believe if it wasn’t for Tracy and the group I would still be out there buying new clothes because I was too big for my current ones……….instead I am out there buying new clothes as all my others are too big now!!!

I feel so happy and positive about life and myself which I have not felt in years!!!

Tracy I thank you so much, words can’t even being to describe my gratitude for changing my life for the better!! My advice to those out there don’t think about it…..DO IT!!!!!

Rachel's Story

Fed up with myself and seeing others who have had great results on Tracy’s programme I decided to take on the challenge and commit to it 100%. Yes at times this meant making sacrifices for the results I wanted and goals I had set. At the week 11 weigh in I had lost 12.3KG which has made such great changes to my life. Being so heavy at the beginning of the challenge my focus was to stick to the eating plan provided and increase the distance I could walk each day, I was struggling walking 1km at the beginning – now I walk 5kms a day and its EASY!

This 12 week challenge has inspired me to keep pushing boundaries, thought patterns and change the way I speak to myself internally. I now have control over my food, eating, feelings and emotions and the support from the online group is fantastic, you never feel alone and are supported by Tracy and other members of the group every day. If you are ready to make the change – GET2IT’s 12 week body mind challenge will get you results and so much more.

Thank you Tracy.

Jude's Story

Fantastic – that is how I have found Tracy and the 12 week challenge……..

2012 wasn’t a great year for me and after trying anti depressants for a month decided that there must be something more to life than taking medication to improve my state of mind and health…..

I have been overweight all my life and have also been one of those yo yo dieters……..

In October 2012 I read an article about Tracy’s 12 week challenge and boot camp and decided to give boot camp a shot – being obese, having arthritis and Plantar fasciitis in my feet, and being totally unfit I thought I was kidding myself. My doctor had also told me the only hope for me losing weight was to have my stomach stapled!!!

Tracy was very encouraging and accommodating making me feel as though I could do it. After also seeing Andrea Cunniffes (an acquaintance from work who has also become my inspiration) photo on the boot camp facebook page and speaking with her, I decided to try it.

Three weeks into Boot Camp, finally beginning to feel good, I tore my cartilage in my knee! I could barely walk and was devastated that I couldn’t continue. The support from Tracy and other Boot Campers had been fantastic ….. I decided to swap from Boot Camp to the 12 Week Challenge – it has changed my life. What Tracy has created is perfect – well organised and such tasty food – I cannot see myself ever going back to my old habits. Not every week is perfect as I am trying to change a lifetime of habits!!! However I am into my 3rd 12 week challenge, setting small goals each time.

Now, thanks to Tracy, I eat well and exercise every day – it is part of my life.

Jane's Story

I have engaged Tracy as my personal trainer, attended bootcamps and spin classes at her fitness studio over the past 9 months. I am 50 years old and have rheumatoid arthritis. I have had a total hip replacement and have had a forefoot reconstruction.

I first met with Tracy about 3months after my forefoot construction. I had gained weight and was keen to regain fitness. I travel frequently for work and I needed the motivation and guidance to get started.

I have found Tracy to be inspirational as a motivator. She is kind but firm, with a high level of emotional intelligence. This means she reads her clients well. She is always positive and great fun.

Tracy’s sessions are always well planned and organised. She is also able to adapt excercises to individual needs.

Over the past few months I have lost weight and gained fitness without injury. I have no hesitation in endorsing Tracy as competent and highly skilled trainer. She has been the catalyst in my recovery and positive management of my wellbeing.

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