Summer Boot Camp Starts Soon….

Ok everyone! How do you want to look for summer? Get ready here it is…Summer Boot Camp starts 14th October-fun, hard work, challenging, it’s for all levels- beginners and the super fit, gain strength, get fit…oh and don’t forget the fun part! I...

Healthy Habits for life….

It’s not about being the skinniest! It’s not about restrictions! It’s about being the healthiest by creating healthy habits. Sign up today to start on Monday. Recipes go live tomorrow. So get in now and be ready to start your new healthy living...

New Online Program- Help name it…….

    I’m in the process of putting together a new online program and I need help naming it… The program is focussing on sugar free, some raw food (which means foods that have not been heated beyond 47 degrees. I have worked hard to ensure all...

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