Get2it’s new challenge…..

On a roll…15 days of recipes ready, 13 more days to make up. Then to put it all together! Super busy in the kitchen trying out all my new sugar free recipes, getting ready to release my sugar free challenge. I have set myself a date 1 month from today I will...

Pina Colada…..

  As promised some of the ways I use coconuts. 1. Sprinkle coconut flakes over cereal. 2. Coconut flakes are great as an after school snack for kids. 3. Coconut Oil -I use this for pretty much all my cooking. 4. Drink coconut water – it has the highest...

The Coconut…..

A Coconut Palm Tree is known as The Tree of Life. Coconuts are one of the wonder foods on earth that have multiple health benefits… Few people understand how important the coconut is to stabilizing blood sugar; lowering cholesterol; healing; hydration; and even...

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