I have just returned from the annual Laser Electrical conference- Imagine my excitement when on the last day the speaker was John Shackleton! He has a background in Sports Coaching and Sports Psychology. He talked about improving the most powerful muscle in the body –...

Work hard for the life you want…..

Feeling very inspired by Ashton’s speech! A great speech Gen Y and Z. “Opportunities look a lot like work. Yes you need to work for the life you want. Build a life don’t live one. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out there work...

Get2it’s new challenge…..

On a roll…15 days of recipes ready, 13 more days to make up. Then to put it all together! Super busy in the kitchen trying out all my new sugar free recipes, getting ready to release my sugar free challenge. I have set myself a date 1 month from today I will...

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