Do you need to lose weight or make a change to your lifestyle for your health and wellbeing?

Looking for someone who guides with gentle persuasion rather than a whip?

Do you prefer to train with like-minded people and not in a gym where you are given a programme and then left to it?

Have a listen to Peter’s interview below and ask yourself the question…

“Is today the day you decide it is time – time to take action and get your health and wellbeing in check?”

What did Peter do?

Here are some brief details about what plans and programmes Peter followed.  You will see that my “training” philosophy is multi-faceted (exercise, nutrition, mindset and accountability) and tailored to your specific needs.

Exercise (first 10 weeks) – Peter started with 2 Personal Training sessions per week and homework

Exercise (after initial 10 weeks) – 2 x metapower classes per week and homework

Nutrition – Peter’s nutrition was based around the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Lifestyle and Fasting

Accountability – regular check-ins and regular weigh-ins and homework

With your mindset, I first find out where you are at with your current level of motivation and general “headspace” around your health and well-being and where you want to get to.  I’ll use the insights I gain from this conversation (and subsequent conversations) to help set achievable goals and provide tailored motivation and encouragement throughout our sessions and check-ins.

Do you feel ready to make a change and want to do so with a gentle coach in a non-judgemental and supportive environment?


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Testimonial and Success Story with Peter Grierson

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