This month I want you to meet Peter Grierson.

Peter contacted me at the end of 2020. He was on a mission.  He had a goal and was determined from Day 1 to meet it!  He wanted to lose weight, get fit and feel better about himself.

Our first step was to discuss his nutrition.  Nutrition is crucial to losing weight – no amount of exercise can out-train a bad diet!

After setting him up with proper nutrition guidelines, we dived into setting him up on an exercise plan.  In my eyes, a good plan is one that includes arrangements for inside and outside of our sessions.  Our initial plan was for 10 weeks.

Over the next 10 weeks Peter trained with me twice a week for half hour PT sessions.  During this time we had regular check-ins to discuss his nutrition, exercise and general progress toward his goal.

It is definitely fair to say that Peter hated some of those sessions, especially at the beginning when he was self conscious and full of self-doubt about being able to do the exercises.  One of the biggest buzzes for me when we got to the end of the 10 weeks was getting him to do some of the exercises I initially got him to do 10 weeks before. I commented, “you couldn’t do this at the beginning and now look at you go!”

There were good days and bad days during these 10 weeks. Attitude at the beginning of a difficult task, more than anything else, will affect the outcome.  Peter’s attitude was next level amazing! His outcome? A loss of 17.5kgs! He’s not stopping there either.  This is his new forever lifestyle and there is no going back. With newfound confidence, he’s now attending Metapower classes at the studio twice a week and I’m beyond proud when watching him in class.

Peter tells me the hardest part was actually making the phone call to me. Thanks for choosing me Peter, it’s been an amazing journey so far!

Side Note: At the time of publishing this newsletter Peter has lost a further 3 kgs sitting at a total loss now of 20.3kgs. 

Do you want to experience the success that Peter has?  The you should check out my 8 week challenge that is starting on 19th April or email me and we set-up a fully personalised plan for you to meet your goals!

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