As with most things in life, success is proceeded by adequate preparation. Completing a workout successfully is certainly no different – and I would say this particularly about an at-home virtual workout.

Spending 10-15 minutes following a few simple guidelines will ensure you get to the end of your workout feeling satisfied, having burnt plenty of calories and remaining injury free.

Step 1: Show up early

Make sure you spend the 10-15 minutes immediately prior to your workout attending to these tasks. While attending to these tasks, use the time to get in the right headspace for working out:

• Ensure you are dressed adequately including your footwear
• Get your water and workout towel
• Gather any equipment you may need – gym mat, foam roller etc
• Shift the furniture if needed
• Ensure there is sufficient cooling airflow

Step 2: Warm Up

As many trainers will tell you (including me!) “Warming up is at least as important as the workout itself, if not more important”.

Most professionally led virtual classes would include some sort of warm-up, however it may not be as sufficient as you need. Take 5 to do a full-body warm-up to get the heart rate increasing.

Try out this warm-up:

Arm rotations and crossovers | forward and lateral leg swings | 2 minutes skipping

Step 3: Stretch

Lastly, just before your workout, take a few moments to stretch. Stretching is important to improve your range of movement during the workout and for preventing injury. Ensure you don’t overstretch – you should feel a little pull, but certainly not to the point of hurting.

But don’t forget, as I always say: “Stretching should be a part of your daily routine – not just before and after workouts.”

Download a guide to stretching here.

After the workout

After the workout make sure your take a few minutes to cool down – walk around and get your breathing and heart rate back down.

You should now be in the best position to get the most from your workout!

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