Do you embrace routines or do you think they suck? Maybe you have an equal love/hate relationship with them.

People who love routines usually prefer the consistency and comfort they can provide, whereas the people who aren’t fussed on them usually see them as dull and boring and prefer spontaneity.

If you don’t already know, I am an advocate of routine, particularly in the morning – read my article about “Miracle Morning Routines”. I also find routine is especially important when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Some interesting reading is about the “Daily Routines” research done by Mason Currey. His research led to the discovery that many famous “creative types” followed set routines each day – be they small, large or even a little odd! Read about some of these in the image below.

It is thought that those routines most likely contributed to their “genius”. It is the small, consistent and seemingly insignificant acts that make up the routine and can ultimately lead to greater success and productivity.

We are living in a time when having a routine can certainly help with making the most of our time in lockdown and assist with controlling little anxieties.

Ensure you incorporate some small but consistent actions in your routine related to diet and exercise and you will reap even more benefits than just increased productivity and decreased anxiety.

So, if you are not a lover of routine, just embrace the suck of it for now and see what can be achieved. If you are struggling with the routine share it with a friend – maybe they are struggling too!

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