We’re now a couple weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown and I have been wondering how you are all doing with working out at home.  In order to help you all along, I have put together my “Get2It Guide To Working Out At Home” together with a great workout for you to try.

Stay on Schedule

I have always been an advocate for booking in your exercise sessions and this advice does not change just because we are all working out at home.  So…grab your diary, decide when and how you will workout and add it as an appointment.  Then, set an alarm and show up on time!

Getting Ready

If you have followed my first tip, you will already know how you are going to work out so make sure you spend 5 minutes before beginning your workout to gather up anything you may need.  Just as you would if you were going out, you should get your towel and water bottle handy as well as any equipment you need for the workout.

Review or Set New Goals

Now would be a good time to review your fitness goals.  Do they fit well with your current “lockdown” circumstances?  Maybe you had a goal previously of being able to lift XX amount of weight within a certain time but now you don’t have sufficient weights available.  If so, setting a new goal around increasing flexibility, core strength or cardio endurance may be better suited now.

Choosing Your Workout Space

Where you workout can have a direct impact on how effective your workout is.  I know that it can be difficult as our homes are designed for comfortable living and not necessarily workout spaces, but keep these things in mind when choosing where to workout:

  • Choose the biggest area you can
  • Choose a well lit area and open the windows
  • Use a fan or aircon if needed to keep the air moving and cool you down during the workout
  • Consider moving your session outside if you have a backyard

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Check out our fantastic full-body HIIT and Abs Workout below that will really get you sweating!  Click here for a print friendly version.

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