We are definitely living in some strange times!  The COVID-19 pandemic has literally turned our lives upside down and we are experiencing shortages and restrictions the likes we never imagined we would see in our lifetime.  It is crucial to adapt our lives so that we come through the other side of this tunnel in the best physical, mental and social shape we can be in.

Get2It Fitness Studio is definitely adapting to these times and we are still open – read more about our changes at the bottom of this article.

Here are 5 great tips to help you get through this time…

1. Keep a Routine
What do your normally do each morning that kickstarts your day?  Be it exercise, a coffee, journaling, meditation; make sure you keep doing it to set up your day.  Many of us are now home educating our children and working from home so you may be adapting to a very different schedule.  I would suggest setting up a weekday and weekend routine to ensure that you still set aside time each day for all your usual activities aswell as maintaining a division between the “working” week and the weekend.  But most importantly allow yourself flexibility and the chance to change this routine as you adapt to the new normal.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet
In order to give ourselves the best chance of staying healthy during a pandemic it is important to maintain your hydration and a healthy diet.  When at home all the time and during times of anxiety it can tempting to turn to comfort foods, but I encourage you to keep this in control.  When reaching for something to eat, ask yourself if you are really hungry; if not turn your attention to an activity which will distract you or have a glass of water.  Keeping you water intake up can limit your appetite and cravings.  You can also use this extra time at home to try out some different recipes to keep up the variety and interest in your meals – you never know you may find your new favourites!

3. Keep Sleeping
Insufficient sleep can lead to low mood, increased anxiety, poor food choices and lack of motivation to exercise.  So do yourself a favour and make sure you get your 7-8 hours every day.

4. Keep Moving
Make sure you do something physical every day to keep you moving! Be it an online exercise class or PT session, going for a walk or run outside if possible, dancing with your kids at home or completing a home exercise circuit. Exercise increases your endorphins and is the most underutilised anti-depressant.

5. Stay Social and Connected
Social wellbeing and connectedness is also very important at this time. Staying connected with friends and family allows us to share our problems and have a laugh.  Facebook is great, but I suggest keeping up with phone calls so you can actually talk to someone!  Why not have a virtual coffee or wine and cheese date with friends over online video chat?  Google hangouts and Zoom are great platforms for this.


How is Get2It Fitness Adapting?

Just a few days ago Get2It Fitness launched its first ever online fitness classes – and they were so much fun!

We are offering Online Spin Classes every Wednesday and Friday morning at 7.00am and our specially created class “GetFit In 30 At Home” every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.00am. These classes are conducted Livestream Online with the Zoom platform.

New Timetable and Class Information
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We are also offering our Personal Training and Nutritional Consults virtually.  Contact us directly for information about these services.


Stay safe during this time and remember, “Life is for Living” – even now!

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