With the New Year well underway and Summer fun still a priority, we can be pretty busy at this time of the year! Maintaining your usual exercise routine and healthy eating (or getting back into the swing of it) when you are so busy can seem near impossible. This month as you are getting back into it, I want you to be mindful of a few things that can really help you get back on track (or stay on track).

1.  Get enough sleep
Not getting an adequate amount of sleep has been linked to an increased risk of illness, deficits in memory and attention, increased hunger, moodiness and increased risk of obesity.

Getting enough sleep can make your awake hours more enjoyable, more motivated and certainly more productive!

2.  Exercise
Exercise doesn’t need to be synonymous with the gym. Get out and explore some walks around Marlborough. Getting out on the track is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon with friends or family while getting some exercise, sunshine and fresh air…all of which are restorative in their own way!

My favourite is The Link Pathway Walk. It is a 42km walking and cycling trail between Picton and Havelock, and linking to the end of the Queen Charlotte Track.

Some others you might like to try:

  • Tirohanga Track
  • Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve
  • Snout Track
  • Grovetown Lagoon – Te Whanau Hou
  • Lake Chalice

3.  Intermittent Fasting
Rest your digestive system once in a while. Intermittent fasting is becoming very popular and is a great way to shift weight since we eat fewer meals and take in less in a 24-hour period. The summer period is a perfect time to experiment with fasting. You’ll shorten your eating window thus reducing the number of calories you will consume. This could allow for a few of those extra summer treats or help you maintain your weight. Try the 16/8 method – it involves skipping breakfast and restricting your daily eating period to 8 hours.

4.  Mindful Eating
You’re not a garbage disposal, when you’re full, you’re done! Listen to your body, savor your food, eat slowly, reduce portion sizes and don’t go back for seconds. Cut out the extras on your plate. Often chips or bread is supplied at BBQs as an easy filler – leave these extras and fill your plate up with salads, meat or other wholesome foods.

5.  Fluids
Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to help the body flush out the toxins. Most people underestimate the amount of water they need. If you make one change, make it increasing your water – I know you will feel more energised!

And finally, remember Life is for Living! Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it!

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