Here are 10 tips to keeping on track over Christmas and not losing all the hard work you put in during 2019.

1.  Intermittent Fasting
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a fan of Fasting.  If you are new to Fasting, why not give it a go over the Christmas period – you will consume less calories over the day.  Fasting also helps control the cravings, you gain greater control over what you do eat and you learn to eat by hunger, rather than the clock!  Check out this great app – “Zero – Fasting Tracker”! Android users or Apple users

2.  Keep moving
If you can’t maintain your usual fitness schedule make sure you just keep moving!  Any form of exercise will burn calories, keep your metabolism going and release endorphins.  The endorphins will keep your mood up which in turn will lead to healthier choices overall.

3.  Get Enough Sleep
With so much to do (and indulge in) during the Christmas season, it can be really hard to avoid the late nights.  But if you keep to the 7+ hours per night, you will be maximising your chance of maintaining healthy choices which in turn gives you a ‘leg up’ in keeping your health and fitness on track.

4.  Curing the Party Blues (or hangover)!
Feeling a bit “blah” (or hungover) the day after a party?  The best way to cure the “party blues” and get on with your day is to schedule a workout.  It will leave you feeling clear headed and energized (I promise)!

5.  Portion and Pacing
You walk into a party and see any number of delicious treats to indulge in.  How do you avoid eating too much and a poorly balanced meal?  My best tip would be to take your time choosing what you will eat and keep your plate well balanced with healthy vs treats.  Then take your time to really enjoy what you are eating….the slower consumption will lead to feeling fuller quicker!  And, skip the second helping.

6.  Set Total Workouts for December
With December being really busy with both scheduled and impromptu social occasions (and shopping), it can be really hard to fit in your set number of workouts per week.   Decide instead how many times you want to workout in December and be realistic with the number.  For example, if you usually do 3 workouts per week (approx. 13 per month), maybe you should aim instead for 8-10 over the whole of December.  Then, when you have a chance, make sure you do a workout and cross it off your tally.

7.  Healthy at Home
Make sure your own pantry and fridge is full of healthy fresh food and less of the “treats”.  There is plenty of the treats at a social gathering, so do yourself a favour and make sure you aren’t tempted at home!

8.  Watch your drinks
Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep well hydrated.  Feelings of hunger can often actually be dehydration, so have plenty to drink (water, that is!) will help keep the hunger at bay.  Alcohol is a huge dehydrator so make sure you also drink water while consuming your fave alcoholic bevvy!  A bit bored with water?  Try adding a slice of lemon or lime, some diced fruit or have a sparkling water!

9.  Hosting a gathering yourself?
Prepare as much of the food as possible from scratch (kitchen workouts are great!).  Ensure you have plenty of salads available to enjoy and share out the unhealthy leftovers so you are not left with a house full of temptation.

And last, but definitely not least…..Enjoy yourself!

Christmas is a great season for family, friends, laughs and great food and drink (yes, those too!).  December is not necessarily the month for losing weight or getting fit…..actively work on maintaining your weight and fitness and you’ll be happier!  If you implement these tips, you should have no problem doing just that!

From everyone here at Get2It Fitness, I would like to wish you all a safe, enjoyable and healthy Christmas Season.  See you in the New Year!


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