Being a fit Mum doesn’t mean you are selfish. I often hear Mums saying that they feel selfish for taking the time to become fit, or the other common excuse is not having enough time! I’m here to tell you that you are not selfish and that you need to kill the excuse that you don’t have time and make the time!

Imagine leaping out of bed in the morning and having enough energy to keep up with your kids all day long. Exercise for women is often focused around weight loss, but keeping fit, in general, has soooo many more benefits.

Here are 4 BIG reasons to become a fit mum….

You are able to show your kids that parents have goals and desires too

My kids have only ever known me as fit and health conscious. They see me entering and completing events. It’s something I have always loved and something that defines me. If I give this up, I am telling my kids that once you are a parent, you need to give everything up and that your goals no longer matter.

Do you want your kids growing up thinking that when you enter parenthood, your desire to be healthy ends? I know I don’t.

My kids know that I exercise every day. Most of the time I do it early in the morning before anyone is awake, but sometimes I wait until the afternoon. It is good for kids to see their parents taking care of their bodies.

You are an example of health for your children

If you don’t think that the health and fitness choices you are making are affecting your children, think again. It’s a no brainer that your health habits and choices have a major effect on your children.

As my children have gotten older, one of the things I love, is having them join me on a run; and they love to watch me at work.

Being a Mum of 4 children, I have always been able to find time to fit in a good exercise session and work full time — all while still being there for my kids. It can be done, and your kids will be better for it.

It’s not just exercise that’s important, be a positive influence on your children by making smart food choices. It’s not about giving everything up, it’s about teaching the importance of a balanced diet.

Buy a pushchair so you can go walking with your child or create a mini-home gym with some weights, strength bands and a yoga mat. I also suggest befriending other fit mums, find a fit mum as a role model and making “workout dates” with your friends.

You are able to have a body that you can feel healthy in and be proud of

I realise that a woman or man at any size has the ability to embrace their body and feel beautiful. However, the key word here is “healthy.” When you are healthy, you feel strong, good, confident and energetic. Your child will see and feel your confidence and they too are more likely to follow in your footsteps.

When you take care of yourself, you are more able to take care of others

I find that when I take care of my own health, I have more to give to others. I have more energy, more desire and more motivation — and I am happier. When we exercise we produce a feel good hormone called “endorphins”. I 100% believe that the best anti-depressant available is exercise.

Ask any life coach or psychologist what the No 1 thing their clients want in life is, or what they want to change, and they would say their client just wants to be happy. So ask yourself this question and if you’re not feeling as happy as you want to be, then start exercising. Join a class at Get2it Fitness Studio to get you started. Hit the hills….just do something!

Remember that you have to get through your first wind to make it to your 2nd wind. So endure the first 10-15 minutes then the endorphins will kick in and you will be off! It’s about building habits, so start each day with 10-15 minutes of exercise, then once you have made this a daily habit you can start to increase it.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” Do this by putting yourself first and take the time to exercise. Prepare and plan your weekly meals to ensure you and your whole family eat a well balanced diet.

And because I can’t stop at only 4 benefits, here is a bonus…

Don’t use the words ‘diet’ or ‘I can’t eat this because I need to lose weight’…..

Don’t finish the rest of your child’s food 🙂 Teach them when you are full you are done!

You need to love your body and in return your child will love their body from an early age, and associate diet as healthy eating, not starving or binge eating.

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