Yesterday I was talking with a client about their weight loss journey. They had recently hit a plateau and slipped back into some bad habits. We chatted for a while regarding some of her issues and when we came down to it, it was lack of time to plan her food. She always finds time to do 60 minutes of exercise but then she is let down by not making the right food choices. I suggested that she 1/2 her exercise and put the other 1/2 of this 60 minutes into preparing her food for the day.

I see too often people spending hours exercising and not getting the results they want. To lose weight you have to address your diet. What you eat is crucial to the success of your weight loss journey. In order to eat well you must plan and be prepared, if you are not prepared then you are more likely to grab the easy option and often not the best option.

So to recap, spend time every day preparing and planning your meals. If you have time to do 60 minutes of exercise and plan then that’s awesome but if you don’t then do 30 minutes of effective exercise and 30 minutes of food preparation. Another option is using Sunday as your food preparation day. Sunday’s for me is my rest day (no training). Every Sunday I spend around 1 hour preparing food. eg Making a large salad for the whole family and storing in the fridge, cooking a roast lamb which I cut up and store in a container, hard boil eggs are in the fridge ready to go, cooked chicken drumsticks also ready to go, I always have some low carb bread available and fruits and veges. My fridge every Sunday night looks amazing, I feel well prepared and satisfied. It’s then super easy for everyone in my family to eat well, as all they have to do is fill their lunch container with the pre-prepared food and off they go.

Give this a go, let me know how it works for you

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