My advice is to continue doing what you have been to doing, listen to your body and watch, especially in summer months to not overheat. Finding out you are pregnant is not the day to start out on a new fitness regime but if you have always been active then you are safe to continue.

Megan my member of the month is a great example of an active Mum to be. In this pic, she has two weeks to go until the birth of baby no 3 and we are planning to train right up until the day (well I am ;)). Megan listens to her body and does what she can. Sometimes her only limitations are her tummy getting in the way! She recently told me that her obstetrician noted no weight gain in this pregnancy and Megan has said this pregnancy has been by far the best pregnancy, she attributes a lot of this to her general overall health, to watching the types of food she eats now, to keeping active, all  something that she didn’t do in her past pregnancies. 

Megan refers to our sessions as fun and I have to agree! Megan and her husband Glenn have been coming to me for one on one personal training sessions for close to 2 years. Megan refers to loving the banter between each other in our sessions and it’s true. This is what makes our sessions fun often at the expense of dear Glenn, we do sometimes pick on him but he in his good natured humour takes it all with a grain of salt.

I remember clearly Megan and Glenn’s first session and it could have been one of those make it or break it moments where you never come back or you know that you need to continue this fitness gig, as that session highlighted how unfit you are or how uncomfortable it feels and that you want/need to make a change. Luckily for me Megan chose to keep coming!

Megan and Glenn have two gorgeous busy boys and are about to add to their family baby no 3. They recognise that being fit and healthy is so important it helps them keep up with their children, be great role models and it’s an opportunity to take time out for themselves and put themselves first which is something we Mum’s often don’t do.

Megan is a fabulous and busy Mum! She works full time and is a successful accountant at ‘Side Kick Accountants’.  She is fit, bubbly, witty, beautiful, young, kind, gentle and I’m so happy that she chose me to help get her and her equally amazing man in ship shape condition to take on the world!

Thanks Megan and Glenn for a super 2 years. I look forward to lots of cuddles in the coming months with a new baby Cameron to join the studio, Megan you are a role model to all us Mum’s, the epitome of glowing Mumma to be!  

I asked Megan to share a little about herself, below are her answers.

Favourite movie: Love Actually

Favourite food: Roast Chicken

Favourite hobby: I love to cook and entertain friends and family

Favourite exercise: Well it wouldn’t be burpees….

Who would you invite to dinner if you could choose anyone? Constance Hall

How would you spend your last $50? Probably on baby clothes

Favourite TV Show: Masterchef or MKR

Favourite thing about Get2it Fitness Studio: The fun we have, it’s always a laugh. I like doing sessions with my husband because we are competitive, and give each other stick with someone is slacking off.

What ís the secret to your results? At the moment I am 37 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child. I don’t know if that is a fitness result as such. But I feel healthier and more active this time around, and I know that Tracy will help me shift the baby weight in no time at all!

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