Like most things in health, super beneficial when you’ve got the right formula. Diet + exercise = RESULTS!

I’m an advocate for weight loss happens in the kitchen….there is no amount of exercise that can outrun a bad diet.

Exercise CAN make you hungrier and eat more – and that’s especially true of people who do longer, low intensity sessions where appetite is ramped up. It’s also true if you follow lower fat, lower protein (ie Weight Watcher’s style) guidelines. (Please don’t follow a lower fat, lower protein diet!! Steer clear of food that says it’s low in fat, it means one thing high in sugar).

If you’re just beginning to make changes, the most powerful changes can come first through diet – and focusing on this first can, for a lot of people, create energy to enable them to then focus on exercise. Even creating a small habit of 5 mins or 10 mins per day initially can get the ball rolling. It is hard to do it all at once, and that’s okay!

But I really recommend that, at some stage, taking the next step with exercise is going to up the ante.

The best type of exercise? Read below:…/cardio-vs-weights-for-weight-l…

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