So I’m a little behind schedule and playing catch up now thanks to Prime TV’s Catch Up option.
I’m sharing this as I think that this is a must watch new documentary series on Prime TV. It explores the question ‘Why Are We Fat?’ Humans have become fatter and sicker in the last 50 years in particular.
Simon Gault, a New Zealand chef, became overweight and was then diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He has used himself as a human guinea pig in the name of science in order to find out exactly how bad things are, and then put into practice diet, lifestyle and exercise changes to see if he could reverse his diabetes and lose weight.
I’m also excited to listen in and watch some of the people I admire in the nutrition world Mikki Williden Nutritionist and more….
See the links below for interviews on Prime TV. It’s on Sunday nights at 8.30pm.

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