I love experimenting with new products and this week I have started trying out the Keto Os Pure Therapeutic Ketones….I will report back in about my experience with them at the end of the 10 days on them.

I love Clean Lean Protein Powder and I now have this online for you to purchase. I have always been either a chocolate or a vanilla fan, having recently tried the real coffee flavour I am in love!

Chief bars are my go to low carb, good fats and protein bar if I’m on the run and caught out, these are now also online for you to purchase.

Most of my days start with a Bullet Proof Coffee. I add 1 Tbsp. of butter & XCT oil to my coffee, this helps to fuel my body for the day ahead, it’s the ultimate coffee boost.  Why? MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are absorbed straight into the bloodstream and transported to the liver, and converted to ketone bodies that your body and brain can use for readily available fuel. They also encourage ketogenesis (the creation of ketone fuels from fat) and enhance fat-loss and satiety.  Bullet Proof XCT is a high-quality 100% MCT oil. This is also now available to purchase online.

Being well hydrated is crucial for energy levels and is extremely important for athletes and for anyone following a ketogenic diet. I’m a fan of H2prohydrate, they give me the results I need without the sugar/carbs that most other electrolytes have.

All these products and more are available online, click supplements below.



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