Yesterday, I got asked to do a live video on what I typically eat and I’m planning to do it in the next couple of days. I thought I would get started by sharing what I ate for breakfast today.

x1 Latte with coconut milk

x2 Hard Boiled Eggs (because I was between classes and I always have them in the fridge.

If you like eggs there really is no excuse, as to why you can’t eat well. This was the easiest breakfast, full of protein and good fats and filling! This kept me going for at least 6 hours and I started my day with a big training session.

So I thought I would share how to get the perfect boiled egg the way you like it. To mix it up you might like to whip the middles out and make deviled eggs. See both links.

Click here for how to cook the perfect hard boiled egg

And here for deviled eggs 

Enjoy 🙂

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