Yesterday at 8 am I was out running. While I was running I ran past a mother and her 4 children, 1 in a pushchair and the other 3 walking beside her. They were on their way to school…..what was in their hands absolutely disgusted me! The mother and all 4 children had a pie, which they were eating for their breakfast as they walked to school. It took everything in me to not stop and say something…Maybe I should have??

This got me thinking, is it that parents are not educated? Is it the cost?…what is it that makes an adult think that this is a good option for breakfast for children. I also think of the teachers in school that have to deal with all sorts of behavior due to the breakfasts kids are starting their day with.

I keep coming back to one thing. It’s not cost, it’s not education – it’s pure laziness and lack of care for their children. Of course, this is just my opinion and you might disagree.

Firstly cost:

A pie costs $3.50-$4. I can make a healthy shake for my children for $2 or less!


Schools teach children about healthy eating and I know my children come home from school with lots of notices about what is good and bad food, what not to bring to school etc. Social media, tv, newspapers everywhere you turn these days there is information being fed to us about what is good and what is bad. So I can’t see how education is the problem.

What I see, is its laziness….I think this mother decided to take the easy unhealthy option on the way to school by calling into the dairy and grabbing a pie to go for each of her children including herself. For the cost of the 5 pies, I could have made a healthy lunch and breakfast for my children.

Here is a great example of social media teaching good and bad.

Nutella…. the first ingredient listed on Nutella is sugar, this means there is more sugar in it than anything else. Every tablespoon contains 2 teaspoons of sugar

Peanut butter on the other hand often contains 0 added sugar. A simple swap that can reduce your kid’s sugar intake.

To finish with I thought I would share this great article from a blog I found…discussing the sugar content of everyday foods.


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