HFLC (High Fat Low Carb Diet) My Take…..#gotheallblacks
I eat anywhere between 60-70% of good fats, 20-25% of protein and the rest I make up with carbs. These carbs are generally vegetables. I get all the nutrients I need by making my daily diet colorful. What I mean by this is eating a mixture of colorful foods, this is my way of ensuring I get a good range of nutrients.
It’s quite simple really and it is not a fad diet.
I have been following this style of eating for a few years now, after completing a Certificate in Holistic Performance Nutrition and becoming a Holistic Performance Nutrition Coach.
I eat this way for one reason, it makes me feel fabulous! Oh, and because I like to do things that I know are beneficial to my health.
Energy levels and gut health are my primary reasons for eating HFLC.
2 examples of the positive effects of removing unnecessary carbs from my diet are:
1. My energy levels are more consistent. I don’t have afternoon slumps or dips in energy during work outs.
2. I don’t have the bloating that comes with carbs. Having a flat and un- bloated tummy is a great bi-product of getting rid of those bad carbs. 
I have had amazing results from those clients that I have worked with and helped change the way they eat. From weight loss, to getting back their teen abbs , energy levels increased, less gas, better bowel habits and more……
I loved this article showing what the All Blacks eat and it’s fabulous to hear they also benefit from many jars of coconut oil and peanut butter. These are staples in my house and we always run out of peanut butter no matter how much I buy. So much so that sometimes the kids resort to hiding the peanut butter 

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Low Carb High Fat lifestyle
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