So I love a good smoothie for breakfast but some days I just feel like a need to chew on something? Does this make sense? I love food and I love to eat. I get more satisfaction out of eating food rather than drinking a smoothie. I’m not a fan of store bought cereals and so I like to make my own. I’m also a busy mother of four so I’m often time poor. I love this recipe of Mikki Willidens which I have shared below.

It ticks so many boxes for me! I love veges, especially carrots- ask my friends about my carrot addiction 🙂 I choose to eat high fat low carb so the added almonds and coconut tick that box. Add the protein and you have a very well balanced meal. ( I use Clean Lean Protein Powder). Message me if you want me to order you some!

All in all, this is a recipe that keeps me full and satisfied for a long length of time. I like to find meals that will tide me over for several hours. I think it’s good to let your body/digestive system have a wee spell throughout the day so anything that keeps you going for a long time is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

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