I’m out of bed most days between the hours of 4.30am and 6am, with the exception of Sunday, that is my day that I like to snuggle in bed a bit longer. I often get called crazy for doing this, asked why I do it or told you’re so lucky that you’re a morning person (that’s why it’s easy for you to get up early).

The truth is it’s just the same for me as it is for you! My alarm goes off and I, like you, would like to push snooze and snuggle down in my duvet. The difference for me is my goals.

I live by this quote….

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them”. – Unknown

The surest way to get what you always wanted and have dreamed about is to get up out of your comfy bed and get busy. Put in the hours, think and strategize and work on the obstacles.

It’s my goals and my passions that make me spring out of bed, while others sleep and dream their dreams, I’m up and working on mine. Whether I’m up training for a 1/2 marathon that I’ve got coming up or lifting weights so that I can get stronger and more powerful, planning my classes, writing a book or a blog, preparing my meals for the day, there is always something to do when I’m in pursuit of accomplishing my dreams.

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? That you can’t fit in time for you?

Here are a few reasons you should start rising with the sun.

1. Go chase your goals

People don’t achieve their goals generally due to a lack of focus. If you have that extra time in the morning to go over your goals, they’ll be fresh in your mind.

2. Plan your day

You’ve got extra time to map out your day. With a precise plan, you become more productive and efficient.

3. Time to work out

You have time to workout! I truly believe a day started with exercise will get your day started in the best way possible. Once those natural endorphins are pumping from a great exercise session you will have more energy to apply to your goal. Plus if you tick off your training in the morning, it’s done and you don’t have to spend the day thinking of excuses to not do it.

4. Time to plan your meals

I believe that there is one crucial step to eating healthy and it’s easy! Get up early and plan your meals for the day. Planning is the key to success.

5. Successful people, you know already do it!

Have a look around and look at those achieving their goals, have the job they want, follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, have the body you might be envious of….what is that they do, that you don’t?

6. Stay two steps ahead of everyone

How cool is it to think you’re getting a head start on your day while everyone else sleeps? Finish your most pressing tasks by 8am and be on a high of accomplishment for the rest of your day!

If you can manage waking up 2.5 hours earlier every day, you won’t regret it. That’s 17.5 more hours you have in a week, 70 more hours in a month and 840 plus extra hours in a year. Sounds worth it now, doesn’t it?

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