DO YOU LOVE SPIN? Are you wanting to join a class…I have a couple of bikes available 6am Wednesday and 6am Friday! My first entry into life as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor was taking spin classes. 10 years later I’m still taking them and I still LOVE taking them! I can so relate with this article!
If you have ever wondered about trying out a spin (indoor cycling class) read the following that I cut from this article I love how she words it.
“That spin class never lets me down (sort of like my cup of coffee). I enter the room, set the bike to my preferred settings and ease into the ride. It is there for me, in all its loud glory with the music pumping and the lights just short of blinding me. I come alive and I feel so productive. With sweat pouring off me, I seem to find my groove. I am 15 minutes into the ride before my doubt gets the best of me: I don’t think I can finish this. I think I am dying. I am dying. And then, like magic, the music switches to something that draws my attention away from the pain, and I push through to finish the class”………
“I know that finishing this class will allow me to be a better mother and not feel so exhausted by the lunches I need to pack, the bills I need to write, the clothes I need to fold, the dinners I need to make, the stains I need to scrub out… and the list goes on”.

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