I have just finished reading a great Facebook post by Mikki Williden Nutritionist! I totally agree with her statement instead of “advocating bread to get protein in the diet – why not advocate eggs, seafood and meat”?!
Because seriously the quantity & quality of protein in bread is not high, compare it against the protein in eggs and meat it’s a no brainer which food source you should be consuming more of!
“Eggs, seafood and meat….Rich in iron, zinc, b vitamins – keeping our musculoskeletal system, nervous system, brain, gut and metabolism healthy. If digestion is an issue, rely on slow cooked, tender cuts of meat etc, and work with a health professional to strengthen digestion and stomach acid production to help this. Don’t rely on bread that is made with crappy wheat, vegetable oils, a host of preservatives etc…”
When so many people read the articles in the NZ Herald and take it for gospel it’s scary to think people believe this! Crazy article!
My advice to all reading this post, ignore this NZ Herald article 🙂 Yes protein is very important even more so as we age, but please rely on getting your sources of protein from meat, eggs or seafood rather than bread!

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