A great wee article about procrastinating. If you find that you stop yourself from doing things because you procrastinate and then miss the moment then read on.

This is my one take away point from this article, for more info have a read.

Procrastination is simply the absence of courage.

I truly believe this. We procrastinate because we are too scared to try. We are scared to fail or scared to make a fool of ourselves or scared to experience pain.

It’s like the story of the hare and the tortoise. The tortoise could have easily thought that the hare is much faster than it, and that he’s heavier so he’ll never win, so why race? He should have procrastinated. Instead he tried and you remember the glorious end of that story!

We must focus on which pain is stronger, the pain of getting over your procrastination and creating courage or the pain of not doing it?

So stop being scared, don’t procrastinate any longer. Sign up to a Metafit class! Sign up to a Metapower class! Sign up to a spin class…get moving. A year from now you will thank yourself 🙂 xx


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