Sharing this fabulous book I’m reading right now called “Wired to Eat”. These days there are so many options & ideas of how & what you should eat. For me personally I eat lower carb. I aim to fill my calorie needs with fats & protein & I top up with carbs as my body needs it. I have eaten this way for the last few years & it works for me! What I noticed when I started eating like this was I don’t crave sweet foods or after dinner snacks! Whereas when I ate more carbs eg toast, ❤️ toast…I would often find after dinner I would crave something sweet or during the day. Supermarket shopping I would be tempted but not anymore. What I do miss is my morning bowl of porridge. After reading this book I decided to try to introduce some carbs with the 7 day carb test & see what happens. So for the last week my breakfast has consisted of rolled oats, greek yoghurt, handful of blueberries & coconut milk. I have had no typical carb side effects & can easily skip lunch. The fibre & carbs mixed with protein & fats keeps me full for at least 6 hours. So take away point – listen to your body – there is no one size fits all type of diet – find what works for you – if you can’t last for 4-6 hours between meals then perhaps it’s time to look at what you eat at each meal. Im very passionate about helping people with their nutrition, if you would like some advice on changing your diet send me a message…. ☺️


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