I read an article the other day which asked the question do you feel hungry after eating an apple or does an apple fill you up. If you asked someone this, some might say yes and some might say no. Personally, an apple makes me hungrier and it certainly does not fill me up. From this, I know that my body doesn’t like the peaks that this high sugar/carb fruit produces. However, I could eat a head of broccoli or an omelette and feel full .

To say that one menu, one food suits everyone is incorrect. The crucial thing you must do when following a weight loss or healthy eating journey is listen to your body. If you find you are having dips or lows in the afternoon, start to look at what you are eating, cut the offending food at lunchtime, replace it with a meal that has good fats and protein and take note of how you feel following this.

Keeping a food diary that tracks calories is great but so is a food diary that tells you how you are feeling at and after each meal.

Listen to your body, start to identify the foods that make you feel good and avoid those that don’t make you feel so good.

Being hungry is not the secret to losing weight. Make your meals enjoyable and fulfilling.



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