Do you eat when you are bored, mistaking that feeling for hunger? And when you feel like this you might find yourself grabbing something from the cupboards that is packed with sugar, fat and bad carbs. Here are a few tips that may be helpful to break this habit are….

Take note

If there is a time that you are more likely to get the munchies note this down.

Are you truly hungry

Now you know when you get the munchies.  Ask yourself are you truly hungry. Often we mistake hunger for dehydration. Drink a couple of glasses of water and see if this helps. If you want to eat so you have something to do, then you are bored.

Get Busy

Call a friend and go for a walk. Read a book. Find something to do that keeps you from the kitchen, keep your mind and hands busy.

Don’t buy it

If you know what your weakness is – DON’T BUY IT….SIMPLE!

No Eating In Front Of The TV 

Enough said….eating in front of the TV is a sure fire way of ensuring you will over snack.


I’m not a fan of snacking as I think it’s another opportunity where you may overeat, stick to three nutrient full meals.

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Have a fantastic day everyone! x


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