30min workoutGet2it Fitness Studio & Metafit Marlborough
‘ The secret weapon to enhancing your fitness goals’

Tracy Adams from Get2it Fitness Studio and well known Marlburian and    fitness enthusiast Margaret McKendry are super enthused to bring Metafit    to Marlborough.

What is it:  30 minute metabolic workout that lasts 24hours! It’s the workout that keeps on working, even when you have finished. Short, sharp, sweet! Designed to burn calories during and up to 24 hours afterwards.



It’s for everyone, not just the super fit….If you are short on time and need something that get’s in and works then this is for you….

Why only 30 minutes?
Because it’s about quality not quantity
Because you physically won’t be able to do it for longer!!
Because it’s HIIT – short bursts of max exhertion to failure – If it lasts an hour it’s not HIIT!

Get Metafit today at Get2itfitness Studio!

Starting class times will be:

Monday’s 6.30am
Tuesday 12pm
Wednesday 6pm
Register your interest to admin@get2itfitness.co.nz or 021487903


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