I recently started drinking Sujon Blackcurrant Powder  to help with the fatigue I have been feeling from training, especially in my legs.  I wanted something that would help with recovery- was tasty and quick and easy to make. Sujon it was and I’m having amazing results so far. For training you should take 2 hours before and just after. As I train super early in the morning I haven’t tested the before training but I have after, it’s a simple tsp added to my glass of almond milk.

Normally on a Friday my legs are pretty fatigued, however I have experienced over the last few Friday’s that this is no longer the case….Fluke or Fact  😛  I’m not stopping regardless, it’s working and at the same time I’m reaping the many benefits….

Sujon Facts:  [youtube][/youtube]

The antioxidants found in the super fruit blackcurrant are essential to health, nutrition,wellbeing and active longevity. New independent research suggests that Sujon New Zealand Blackcurrants are the Number One Super Fruit in the world, being the highest antioxidant cultivated berry. This is due to high intensity of natural UV light, a pristine environment, perfect growing conditions and unique varieties to New Zealand. Being the richest natural source of blackcurrant poly phenols available they outperform bilberry, acai, goji, pomegranate, grape seed, pine bark and blueberry in antioxidant potency

Supporting Your Whole Body.
At the cellular level: Inhibitors of oxidative stress and DNA damage, key elements in the onset of cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegerative diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

In Brain Function: Enhanced cognitive performance, short-term memory and neurogenesis.

In Eye Function: Reducing visual fatigue, eye lens opacity and enhancing visual performance including acuteness in night vision.

In Cardiovascular Function: Supporting blood flow via a vasodilatation response improving blood circulation to peripheral muscles, reducing muscle fatigue and the onset of soreness during and post exercise.

Optimum Health For YOU
Only a teaspoon a day of this health supplement is required to support optimum health, good nutrition and help muscle recovery.

If you are taking for sport performance it is recommended you take a teaspoon before and immediately after exercise in place of the usual daily recommended dose. This will support the cardiovascular system; help reduce fatigue and support muscle performance and recovery.



Blackcurrants 100g





Boysenberries 100gm 7239 2
Blueberries 100gm 6341 3
Strawberries 100gm 2089 4
Red wine 250ml 2500 5
Green Tea 250ml 1500 6
Antioxidant supplements 80-1200 7
Kiwifruit (one) 90g 720 8
Broccoli 100gm 247 9

Source: (Dr Carolyn Lister et al)




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