Are you an employer looking to boost productivity? We’ve unlocked one of the secrets to better performance: a healthy workplace! All you need to do is foster a good environment. Happy, healthy workers mean less sick days, more energy, and higher productivity for your business.

So how do you get your workplace to be like this, you ask? We have the answer for you. Offering a personal approach to training that actually lasts, Get2It Fitness offers one of the most holistic training programmes out there. Tackling both exercise and diet, this stress busting programme revamps and re-energizes lives. Participants receive a free health and fitness assessment and consultation at the start of the programme. Following that, the rest of the programme is tailored to suit your needs and meet your goals. Get2it can offer you not only the opportunity to get fit but it comes with another great perk— it’s tax-free! You can offer any of our programmes to your staff and you won’t have to pay the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT). A quality programme at low cost— what more could you ask for?

With a great variety of options for you and your team, you’ll find what fits with Get2It Fitness Studio at any fitness level. Boot Camp allows you to get healthy and bond with your team in 3 solid sessions per week. Never run before? Get2It’s Learn to Run programme guides you through the first steps. Sooner or later you’ll have miles under your feet! Those looking to eat healthy aren’t going to miss out either.Get2it’s 12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge will guide and support you with your diet to make sure you stay healthy!

Get2It has worked with companies before and understands what it takes to help you get the healthy environment you need. Not just a health and fitness program, Get2It is a great stress buster, getting you healthy despite your busy schedule. There’s a ton of other awesome benefits in store for you with Get2It Fitness trainer Tracy Adams at the helm. A certified personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, boot camp and indoor cycling instructor, Tracy is devoted to your needs. You and your people are sure to receive the best care and be on the road to fitness and good health in no time.

With Get2It Fitness, you and your team Get 2 be more productive, healthier and happier too! 

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