Shape Up & Slim Down For Summer!

Get2It’s new Shake-Up-Summer Theme is here to help you change your life! A powerful combination of boot camp-style Get Fit & Shape Up Boot Camp Sessions and Get2It’s 12-week Mind&Body Weight Loss Challenge will help you commit to fitness. Looking to lose weight, get healthy and tone up? Shake-Up-Summer improves your strength & flexibility so that you can finally touch your toes again. Soon, you’ll be rocking that summer bod you’ve always wanted!

While it isn’t compulsory to take both, these two amazing programs work effectively when combined. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Get Fit& Shape Up Boot Camp Sessions:

We won’t be stuck in some stuffy gym the whole time. Shape Up Sessions are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors or exercising in a fun environment. Need a new challenge or a little variety in your exercise routine? Want to be able to touch your toes again? Shape Up Sessions will surely Shake Up your Summer!

  • Session Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 6am – 6.45am. Lasts for 10 weeks starting 13th of October.
  • Flow: Each session begins with a 10 minute warm up and will finish with 10-15 minutes of flexibility & abdominal toning work. This increases your range of motion while targeting the hip flexors, hamstrings, neck and back. Perfect for over-exercisers or those looking to release tension and improve flexibility!
  • Online support group: Homework and nutritional advice will be given each week in a private online support group.
  • Session 1- Technique and form discussion and breakfast – a great way to meet your fellow team mates.
  • Dynamic and fun! No two sessions will be the same. You’ll find yourself pulling or flipping tyres, climbing hills, loving those burpees or even commando crawling. Prepare to get well acquainted with yoga stretching, circuit work, HIIT and Tabata training, boxing, working on your 6 pack, and so much more!
  • Fitness Level: Do I need to be extra fit to do a Boot Camp session? Nope! Everyone can join in! Our program is designed for various fitness levels using team and individual exercises. Fitness and overall body strength tests are done at the start and end of the program, and we tailor each session for you. Each session gradually and safely increases to ensure targeted results.
  • Cost: $15 per session. Get in fast for your spot, and enjoy the benefits of personal training at an affordable rate, with motivation and energy from your own personal group.

Get2It 12-week Mind & Body Weight Loss Challenge:

Get2It’s 12-week Mind&Body Weight Loss Challenge provides a great resource for recipes, grocery plans and the like. This program works wonderfully with Get2It’s Shape Up Sessions to help you slim down through eating as well as exercise!

  • The site details detailed information about the amazing 12-week Challenge!
  • The Program provides daily recipes and grocery lists for the whole 12 weeks
  • It also provides some light, targeted daily exercise programs to supplement your weight loss
  • With a thriving community in our online support group, you’ll get all the motivation you need!
  • And so much more!

DISCOUNT BONUS! Sign up for 3 sessions of Get Fit and Shape Up Boot Camp sessions, and get $100 off for the 12-week Mind&Body Weight Loss Challenge! Now you only have to pay $90 for the 12-week program. Total package price is $540.

What are you waiting for? We’d love to have you and turn your fitness dreams into a REALITY!

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