One of the most common questions I get asked is ” Are the meals family friendly and what types of food do you eat on the 12 week mind body weight loss challenge? – the answer is simple- yes all meals are family friendly I have tried them all on my family and they loved them! Changes have been made to this round to make everything even simpler for you. You will find recipes online that provide you with essential fat, carbs and protein- all three are necessary nutrients you should include in all meals. I am a huge fan of vegetables so if you don’t want to eat healthy then this is not the program for you. Salads, soups, casseroles, lasagne, wraps, pancakes, bacon are all online waiting for you. Sign up now it’s easy! Just click I want in and you are off. We start on the 7th of April- be prepared to learn and make life style changes not just for you but the whole family. Message me with any question you have- no matter how small I want to hear from you xx

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