Words from a previous winner…..http://www.get2itchallenge.com/testimonials/
“I can’t speak highly enough about the challenge……. I would encourage ANYONE who is ready to lose weight to climb aboard the 12 week challenge train! I was keen to start the programme but I must admit when I received the first lot of info I thought “what have I gotten myself into”; it seemed like it was going to be a lot of work. In fact it’s turned out to be the complete opposite – because the weekly shopping list and menus are provided it actually takes the hassle out of the nutrition side of it… but also opens your eyes to what you should be eating. From years of watching what I ate/dieting etc I thought I had nutrition sussed; actually it turns out I didn’t… but I have now (at week 7 of the challenge) pretty well on my way. It’s all very well to read up on everything, but SO much easier when you’re told how much of each ingredient to use and exactly what your portion size should be (much smaller than I had previously thought!!)……..To read more click here http://www.get2itchallenge.com/testimonials/

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