Good afternoon everyone, I am super excited to announce I have just been through the process of applying for registration to be have my programmes  endorsed by the Exercise Association of NZ

I am one of four in NZ registered at this stage. See Link

Basically what this means is that I can offer employers  programmes that they can offer to their staff that is totally FBT (fringe benefit tax) exempt. In NZ  any extra benefit you give your staff is taxed at 65% which is extremely high and stops employers offering gym memberships etc.

Exercise Association of NZ put this proposal forward as it is estimated that 40% of sick days in NZ are due to work related mental stress.


Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, employers have an obligation to try to prevent and reduce work related harm amongst their staff.

This includes mental or physical ill health due to workplace stress.
As most people are aware, exercise and lifestyle changes can play a huge role in managing debilitating stress levels. Adopting an effective programme of exercise can therefore result in a win/win situation for both employees and the business they work for.

The Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsed Programme (SMEAEP) requires exercise professionals to meet certain criteria which then allows them to offer the programme to businesses for a fee that is FBT exempt from the IRD.

Employers this is exciting news for you! Healthy workplace, happier staff and less sick days plus saving 65% tax if you currently offer exercise related benefits to your staff.

Send me a message now if you are self employed or an employer with staff or send this to your boss if you are an employee. Jump on board, there really is no excuses now- let’s Get2it!

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