Summer Boot Camp is well under way -we are now into week 3! I am already noticing huge improvements with everyone’s fitness and overall strength. Thursday was a killer hamstring session and today was a massive cardio kick, here’s hoping for sore pecs and shoulders in the morning!

No two sessions are the same and if I was to say something about this group I only need one word- FUN!!

Such a fabulous way to spend your morning working out with other like minded people!

Here’s some more info if you are keen to share in the joy 😉


Summer Boot Camps. Oct- Dec and February- April.

2 sessions a week. Tuesday and Thursday  6am -6.45am. $15 per session.

Held at various parks in Blenheim.

* Regardless of your fitness level you will be challenged and you will see

changes by the end of bootcamp! All sessions are performed outside. A

typical session begins with a warm up jog, there will be hill work,

pulling tyres, flipping tyres, burpees, commander crawlingŠŠand more. No

two sessions will be the same.

* It won¹t be easy, but once you¹ve started you¹re committed.  The

discipline and routine of each session will help you achieve amazing


* Your fitness will be measured at the beginning and at the end of the

programme. Participants can expect to see marked increases in

cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, lean muscle mass, core

stability, strength, speed and agility. A fantastic way to make new


* Perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, exercising in a group

environment, need a new challenge, a boost or just a little variety in

their exercise routine.

* Fantastic way to get the benefits of personal training at a very

affordable rate and draw motivation and energy from the group.

* Do I need to be extra fit to do a Boot Camp session?

NO! Everyone can join in because the programme is designed for various

fitness levels using team and individual exercises. Also remember each

session gradually and safely increases. You will see results!

You don’t have to be able to run but you soon will be.

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