“Food is the most abused anxiety drug- Exercise is the most underutilised antidepressant”……Does this apply to you? If so you are not alone, food can be a great comfort during stressful times, unfortunately when we use food like this it doesn’t fix your problem, in fact your problem just gets bigger. Let me show you how to adapt your eating and start to use exercise as an antidepressant, sign up now for the 12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge, to receive daily support- because lets face it, losing weight is not easy and it’s a huge mind game which is why this challenge has the word mind in it. Together through the online group you can get support at the times you need it. I promise to support you daily throughout the 12 weeks to help you to achieve your goal. This is all online so is suitable for everyone- in your own home, at work, at the local gym or a local park- you can do this! Recipes, Grocery Lists, Exercise Plans, Video tips and lots of other helpful info all online. Next round starts on Monday 23rd September- so get in quick..
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