I have just returned from the annual Laser Electrical conference- Imagine my excitement when on the last day the speaker was John Shackleton! He has a background in Sports Coaching and Sports Psychology. He talked about improving the most powerful muscle in the body – the brain and learning what motivational strategies work for you, how to keep your mental focus when you’re under pressure, how to switch on confidence whenever you need it and how to stay positive when it feels like the world is against you. He was inspirational and I really related with what he shared- I call my 12 week challenge- the 12 week MIND body weight loss challenge- as your brain is the most powerful part of your body and to lose weight you need to sort your mind, which is why I offer support the whole way through the challenge with an online support group. We can beat your mind games and you can lose weight.
Watch this video and sign up today to Get2it’s 12 week MIND body weight loss challenge. www.get2itchallenge.com.


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