Feeling very inspired by Ashton’s speech! A great speech Gen Y and Z. “Opportunities look a lot like work. Yes you need to work for the life you want. Build a life don’t live one. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out there work hard and take the opportunities and be sexy”! We can apply this to so many aspects of our lives- do you want to lose weight, do you want to get fit, do you want to be healthy? Watch this video and go out and take the opportunities given to you, yes it will mean working hard, it will mean changing the life you live- but you can as Ashton says build your own life, don’t ever settle for the one you think you have to live.
So with this in mind get ready! 4 weeks time the next round of 12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge begins :)- don’t let this opportunity come and go like you did when you saw my message 12 weeks ago at the start of the last challenge. www.get2itchallenge.com. Also get yourself ready for Summer Boot Camp starting mid October. Get fit, lose weight and feel great!  Happy Happy Friday!

Watch Video here 

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