Interesting article…I totally relate to Michelle’s comment about getting up super early before taking classes and pounding away on her cross trainer, for me it’s pounding away every morning on my road bike/wind trainer in my garage at 4.45am.

I certainly don’t jump up and say yes I can’t wait to get on my bike (well sometimes I do :-)) – I get up because I want to be fitter, stronger, faster and I am driven by the feeling you have afterwards. I once got told surely it’s not hard for you or I can’t imagine you struggling- it is a hard for me, I will continually push myself each day to be better, I will aim to lift more each weights session, I set myself personal challenges. So yes it’s hard for me also! We have giggles at boot camp, spin and other group sessions and it sure makes it more enjoyable to have a laugh and exercise in a group. But at the end of the day it’s not necessarily the ‘fun’ part that gets you up it’s because you also want to get fitter, stronger, faster, you want to feel great and be healthy.

That’s my thoughts- what do you think?

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