Yesterday 32 Boot Campers completed day 1 of Get2It Fitness Studio’s Summer Boot Camp 2013!
Day 1 was testing day- We test at the start and and at the end this shows their improvements, which is great for motivation and to know what goals to set next for the next 12 weeks!
The tests were a 1km time trail, Press Up test, Sit Up Test, Wall Hold Test and Plank Test.
Record Time Trial -4mins &15sec.
Record Press Ups – 90
Record Full Sit Ups – 38
Record Wall Sit -6mins & 30secs
Record Plank Test- 5mins & 30 sec
It is important to note that these are the top scores, there are people in the group who are new to exercise and want to step out of there comfort zone, so their results were different.
However in 12 weeks I will show you the lowest results from test day 1 compared to the results of the final day and you will see that BOOT CAMP WORKS!
It’s fun, motivating and a fantastic way to push yourself harder than you ever would on your own.
I am so proud of the many new people that turned up on Tuesday, you were all nervous but you pushed through this and completed day 1- the first step is to put on your shoes and turn up and you done it!
You can still sign up it’s never too late……

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