The winner and 2nd place getter for October 2012 12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge is…..
1st Place Phillippa Charles 15.2kg gone!
2nd Place Keri Lankshear 14.2 kg gone!
What makes this round’s losses so impressive was that it went through Xmas and New Years. There were all the temptations of the pre Xmas functions, Xmas day and New Years Celebrations- Phillippa and Keri were armed with the tools and they achieved the results they wanted!
It’s not about fad diets, starvation, low carbs, low fat- it’s all about becoming aware of what goes in your mouth and deciding how you want to look and feel for 2013.
Phillippa and Keri you both look awesome!
Watch this space for the before and after pics coming out soon…..

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