12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge

The biggest reason people can’t lose weight is simple- too many calories in makes a calorie surplus. Eat more than you burn- you get fat! Eat less than you burn-you get thin! Simple! You cannot lose weight by exercise alone -you can however lose weight by changing the way you eat. Combine this with exercise -double bonus lose weight and get fit!

Get2it Fitness Studio wants you to join the 12Week MBWL challenge – starts 21st January and finishes on 14th April.

Whatever you have to lose I can make it happen for you….if you want it…..Do you want it? You have to really want this -get rid of the mind games and let’s do it! I will guarantee that you will lose weight -if you do what I tell you to do!

You will need discipline and the desire to succeed!

I have four children so I understand that it can be difficult to fit exercise in around your kids, I know that you put weight on when you have a baby and you can lose tone…. I also know that you can absolutely lose this weight! You just have to make this choice.

What you will get…

Your own individual plan showing your figures (not someone else’s)!

Online support group.

Weekly meals and grocery lists that are perfect for the whole family! No longer do you need to make two meals- one for you and one for the family. I have tried all meals on my children and they love them.

Workout program that you can do on your own in your own home, the park or a gym.

Weekly weigh ins.

For even better results do the challenge in conjunction with Get2it Classes.

Prizes for 1st and 2nd.

$190 one off payment -Less than a flat white a day. Let’s cut out that flat white and take on the 12Week MBWL Challenge today and lose weight!

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