Do you need to lose weight and be healthy?
Are you sick of spending hours trying to find something to wear before you go out or do you have a special event that you want to look great for?
Starting 21st January 2013
Get2it Fitness Studio’s 12 Week Mind Body Weight Loss Challenge and Boot Camp 2013!
Burn off the calories from that Xmas Pudding!
Get Fit and Healthy for 2013!
Learn how to cook simple, nutritious, low in calories, yummy, quick and easy food for the whole family. Our four children aged 7-12, love all recipes!
Not only do you get recipes in the 12 week challenge but you also get support from Tracy daily through the online programme and you get online exercise programmes- which are great to do in your own home, gym or a park.
For Boot Camp we meet three times a week at various parks in Blenheim- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s at 6am. Suits all fitness levels no matter how unfit you are, I can help!
Team the 12 week challenge with boot camp for ultimate results!
Make a difference for 2013 and sign up today.
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Note: You don’t have to do both boot camp and the challenge you can do separately- I recommend both for ultimate results.
The 12 week challenge exercise programmes are great to do in your own home and boot camp is a fantastic way to get the benefits of personal training at a very affordable rate and draw motivation and energy from the group.
It’s tough but fun!

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