Was your goal to run 5km by 25th December….

Here are some steps to help you achieve your goal

  • Gradually increase your walking time over a few weeks.
  • Then, on these longer walks start to add 10-15 seconds of running, every 1-2 minutes. If all is well after three or four sessions, increase the running segments by five additional seconds each week. When you are able to comfortably run for 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds, gradually decrease the walking amount by five seconds each week.
  • It is important to be regular with your run-walk.
  • Increase the distance of one of your run-walks each week by 5-10 minutes per week. Keep the ratio of running to walking until eventually you don’t need to walk.
  • My all time favourite for getting you running is the good ol run a power pole-walk a power pole. Pick a block walk around it, start by walking 2-3 power poles then run a power pole. Gradually decreasing the walk sections until you can run the whole block.

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I promise you will be able to run 5km by the 25th of December!






“Everyone has a runner inside them you just have to start -so you can find it”.

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