Ok there are now ten weeks until Xmas…..Let’s get our body and mind ready for 2013

Step 1 -Set your goals

Your goal needs to be SMART.

S– Specific e.g “ I’m joining a gym today”
M– Measureable e.g “ I will fit size 12 clothes”
A– Achievable ……Will your goal be achievable around your commitments..e.g you may have a few social functions which mean you will have some extra treats this will alter your goal so instead of saying lose “12kg in 10 weeks”you might be saying “Lose 8 or 10 kg in 10 weeks”.
R– Realistic “ Lose 20 kg in 1 month” is not realistic. But “Lose 12 kg in 10 weeks” is
T– Time Based -Give it a date e.g I will lose 12 kg by 25th December, which is just over 1 kg per week” – it is specific, we can measure it (12kg) it is achievable and realistic as it’s a kg per week and it’s time based as we have given it a date (25th December).

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